Brunch for two onegai? (Dreaming of Fridays fashion Inspiration)

Hi everyone

I so forgot to post this!Happy weekend, what did you do?
I didnt do much but I did catch up on work and homework and now I just want to share with you this week fashion inspiration.Since im getting closer to 30 everyone ask me so many questions that I get tired of hearing. Its the usual marriage and children. Also now among people who are professional on why I blog if it has no topic or area of interest?

I think I can answer this: I blog about how I feel. No fashion unless I am dressed up in the picture or food or anything. I am just doing as I always did speak on random things. My coffee blog is on coffee and other things too as I sip on my cup of coffee. But again I like it, I do it its not a full time job its my pass time.

 Now on to the other two: when i'm ready and I find someone that is worth my time and effort who supports me on everything I do and my choice of not wanting children then hey I will get married!!!! and spend lots of money on it and a JCrew dress!!!!! I love traveling , spending time with people and things, I feel as if children will slow me down and give me responsibilities I do not crave. No I will not change my mind and yes I am happy.

 Choice is something we are all born with the ability to think. I am complete and him and I would be a family and do things like the picture below. I like buying nice stuff and as I told a few people " Im fine being selfish buying too small swimsuits to wear in the tub at a nice NYC hotel and taking pics, and later buying nice dresses to wear to a Broadway show. All while drinking scotch/whisky. We are fine. Two is fine three is a crowd with too much responsibility"

Brunch for two onegai?


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