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Beautiful World

You know, at times you wanna cry cus its just too hard to wake up in da morning. Its like nothen goes right. You do what you can cus u wanna help. Some say that helpin can doom u. True, at times and do u noe what? God sees that you are doing it cus u care and he will watch over u, he knoes what you need , how u feel, and most of all how u will deal wit the situation and weather he needs to step in. I can tell you know its times i wish that he would just live my life, but then i wouldnt learn anything.
Then again, you can learn things wit out screwin it up. Be smart no matter how hard u fight and ur mind is sayin that either for example that person isnt good or the situation isnt, then it will be smart to get out of it. It is just like our family at times they know what we are capable of doin so when they sayin things they say it from how you are. But at times you can surprise them and they could be wrong. It makes u feel good dont it? If u just do what u noe is rite u will be fine,not what u want to be. At times you can be completly lost, like I am now but i guess that some things you have to close your eyes and hope that help is at the right time, and believe god let things happen to us so we can learn,he doesnt cause it. When it is time for him to step in , oh we will. Mark me if im wrong but thats u. Man dont we live in a beautiful world?


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