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Bras here Bras there Bras EVERYWHERE!

I had my suit on the other day and under it…………..( drum roll please) a really small bra. I mean I didn’t want to make any sudden moves I was scared that it will be the end lol. Yes I have to blog this because everyone says it’s a fashion don’t. But everyone cant pull it off like I did.( I was told I didn’t assume, lol) I mean they have yearly measurements I think now is the national bra fitting month ( don’t quote me on that) I mean ive been fitted and wear the same sizes, but I want to tell others to go get fitted. Cus ive talked to family and friends who are like omg how do you know your size? Im like I went and got it done. Dillards is a place that you can have it done all day long for free. Lol so like when you see a cute shirt or in my case suit and have to wear a blouse that show cleavage remember my crazy story as you laugh all the way to dillards.


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