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Its "Oh just a crush"

This one is on crushes. I noe like everyone in the world has had or have one . well me if you know who I am; don’t really crush on people that are waaaaaaay older than I. I mean most women my age like older men. To me I don’t see a differences they all have to grow up you know? But I think for once in my life, I have a crush that is a whole lot older than i. hes not old like that per say and to tell you the truth when I mean a whole lot older I think 3 yrs older than me is old ( im 22 btw) you ask why do I like him? Hes just had a lot in common with me and is very nice. Naive thinking but I don’t get a change to do that often. Anyway hes very smart and handsome yes. I just think hes a gentleman . at the same time you never know how they are when they are mad and things. but then again im not very pleasant when im mad. I think as long as they don’t call you out your name and isn’t touching you oh and not to forget the anger issues, youre fine. I think my crush also is lost in life as I am. I think we all are. We cant seem to find something to believe. Its like we are just here to be here to take up space and matter. That’s all for now. Tell me do you have a crush who is a little out of your comfort zone, age range or other things?


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