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How come pictures make you look different than what you look like in the mirror? I mean is the picture right? I don’t think im photogenic at all. I have a fit when I have to take a pic. But I take it. If I do it photo booth style I get over it cus I like photo booths. Yes as werid as that sounds I like them. I like them wit a friend not a lone. Its not fun alone unless you are both are doin it and giving them to each other. They say pics say a thousand words. Im like just ask the people who were in the pic what was goin through their minds when the pic snapped . if its an old picture try to imagine what they were feeling. Werid as it sounds if you are related to them , you may have some of the same posses as them. I was just told that I hold my hand out in a pose when I take pictures and in general like my grandmother . And I have the picture to prove it. I looked at one of me in the pose and one of her. Its funny cus you never notice it cuss u aren’t lookin 4 it.


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