Cant touch the clouds

Okay, my mom is here. No she doesnt live wit me. lol man im not young well dat young lol *falls over* anyway im in here doing some work and stuff that I attention ally slept. So does that mean I didnt sleep it? Anyway, its nice outside im am a lover of the rain. cus 1. i can strut in my rainboots i have a lot of them. But when I moved back up here i couldnt bring them all. heehee. oh and trench coat woot!. oh and my huge umbrellas! i could kill someone wit it. lol my bad to the people i love who ive hit, ran into on coming traffic or watever to. lol anyway i just realized that i have like a dozen more post on this one than my coffeehouse one. I have to catch it up. I have that lil problem wit wanting things even or close to even. lol anyway this is about touchin the clouds. i remember telling my niece that the clouds were pie and like she could eat them lol i noe isnt that mean? i am so funny lol anyway this is kinda a diffent meaning of that.
I wish i could touch the clouds meaning that i wish i could get to the simple things in life that makes me happy. From a fun day wit my dorky friend, to gettin that hello kitty ring i want. lol woot! to just not havin to worry. A friend of mine told me somehtin last night and i quote.
"When you're not at work or surround by friends and family, your head spins, because you dont have anything telling you to....."
so what does that mean? i guess idk how to calm down. well he said it in a friendly way i wont speak of lol so im thinkin that i have to do something about it. Its like i dont noe what i want out of life in that aspect. You know? is like i can like paint a pic but im like used to failure and like nothing ever goes the way planned so wat the hey? ill do a part two.


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