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Boys think im crazy when i said i dont like flowers and candy wth! i mean is that and issue that will mess up ur male persona if u dont give it to me? if its sunflowers ill take it. lol i think this women doin this and that are suppose to do this and that is a bunch of society made crap. i mean certin dudes play that shit into the ground oh excuse my french but i am one who will give u the stupidest look and tell u where u should go and where ima send u. cus that dont suit my fancy. since when are men disable when it comes to cookin come on now!! all my friends who are boys cook and they are great and want to do it. i didnt see in the book of life that it says that women cook all the time. just like it doesnt say that we are surpose to have kids stay home and dive a damn minni van! i mean soccer moms yay! but i aint that.
i mean its 2008 even if it wasnt its a tradition set up for failure im like i was born wit a brain why let it go to waste sittin on my ass havin kids then runnin after them. some people really need to read the post. i assume that they will have somethin to say to me. here you go comment up here dnt call me lol cus u do that and u dnt comment. borrin..... take a few cookin classes and mannerism classes while ur at it. like you are all we think about it is the other way around,thats why they invented things that have please! how about a software program for my laptops. hey i love boys and all but u have some who is stuck in a man made traditional state. want u to be one way and they are nothin to be desired. hey it isnt a one way street, well not on my street anyway. .....*sighs* hum i feel better that i got that out oh and btw for those who read this and says that weird is spelled wrong about time u noticed it shows that u can spell and that u read my blog. i did it on purpose comment!


Kyosuke said…
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Kyosuke said…
@_@ I guess I can't spell,because I didn't notice it was spelled wrong XD

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