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okay heres my blog, people have been waiting for. Lol they think I wont do it. Ha they don’t noe me as well as they think they do .lmao im outspoken when I have to, and I think this is the time. I can almost guarantee u ima do it. Now on to families. I have a lot to say about mine. Nice? Yes and noe I mean to tell you the truth your family wouldn’t be a family if they didn’t have their all out battles and crazy stuff u cant put ur hand on. Well im the middle child. Yes im the one wit the issues lol that’s why I blog duh. Would u see my older sister and brother do dis? I doubt it they said its my thing lol.
I mean I never knew that part of the way I am is cus of me being in a certain position in the child round up. Im the mommy also. Does that have a lot to do on why I don’t want kids? 25% of it. Everyone looks up to me, and I don’t see it as nothing but when you look at the big pic I can pretty much paint a pic of how I am going to be cus I am older but not old. Lol ima tell u know. Family makes me wanna scream. Pleasing is a thing of the past. I learned that a loooong time ago that im the weird one. Lol and a lot of what I do rub off on the younger generation. So im on my best behavior lol
I also act very old lol. I have no choice plus I have come to like it for the most part. Lol since im at the age that im legal for everything almost to rent a car, I just don’t think about it. But a friend of mine said stop and think of how old you are, and act it. Then don’t feel bad cus you are having that immature moment most people your age don’t act like you. Gotta thank him for that. oh another thing about families, at times they don’t think of how u feel on situations. If its good for them and they think u can do it they enforce it on u. at times selfishly then others just cus they think they have the authority. oh the famous it will help u. im like I am not the drinkin party college, slacking dorm child. Repeat and maybe change that statement.
Wat do u do? Idk I haven’t thought of that one yet any suggestions? See I have a young family so they will be around for a while. When I get married they will there ,when I get the promotion I want they will be there. Oh and will always have something to say. Lol I could rant and vent that they are on my nerves and this, this and that, rite now im kind of in that idk stage I need to go get a drink and talk to friends and god about it. God first lol you know wit my magenta colored trench coat, my black suit wit a vest underneath and my fingerless gloves and anime pocketbook while im down town trying to sort myself. Let you know….betta yet ima blog about it.


Anonymous said…
I'm the youngest of two but I'm the one who catches shit all the time. And, obviously, I'm the weird one.
and u would think that the youngest get away wit it all i guess thats not always true. there is 6 of us im smack dab in da middle. so i catch shit from the older and the younger

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