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Wedding taboo three

well this one I am debating about . and ipod wedding lol . come on now that is so cool! But then I thought about wat kind of music I listen to and the potential mate of mine listens to.
Yeah I would love to play Dir en grays’
“ Obscure” or their “saku” or how about orgys’ “ stitches” lmao I mean I like all kinds of music so this wouldn’t be a problem of wat to play it just couldn’t be our ipods we would have to get one and get everyone’s request a long wit ours lol. I mean I like from Ethiopian to Midrange. Oh and I love tech , house acid jazz I love rap ( Nas) but u get me? So many first dance songs I want “ hiro no tuski” um “ all is love” by bjork “ cherry blossom girl” by air “sandstorm” by darude “ more than anything” by Gavin degraw “ iris” by the goo goo dolls um…. “ pay to cum" by bad brains lol . so many more I cant remember them all lol I like to dance so it will be two songs cus I have to dance lol let me noe.


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