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Blue long johns

Yes i have to make a blog about what im wearing. Im very hot rite now for one reason.....i have baby blue long johns on . yes they are the ish and they have white pokadots and i love them! My niece ( in the profile pic) bought them for me cus i was cold even though i wear a lot of cloths lol i cant help that im cold all the time.

If u ask me this lata on i will deny it lol but if you want some go to target . cus if ur goin to be in DC for that thingy also have fun i mean thats another story i dont wanna talk about. Have u been outside? i mean in dc ? it makes me sick......

I cant even get anywhere. i mean from the out of state people askin me where mess is that ive past a thousand times and still dont noe how to get there. To creepy old me starin at me on the sardine packed trains. Forget drivin. I cant wait til this is over i should of rented out my moms car lol.

so much for lovin my blue long johns.


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