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Day dreams.......

I was in NW today. *yawns* so much running around I forgot to eat.But i did have coffee.As I walked in my white London Fog boots i thought about something.

The people that u think understands u dont have the slightest idea of who or wat u r. I mean they try to touch u, then some dont and u give them that wtf look.

I dont understand this at all. I wish that i could put some people in my head so they can see why im the way i am . its called growin up, shitty economy and just life.

I have to say yet again that I was in Dupont Circle. I want to move there lol . Well at least somewhere close. DC is sorta like NYC i mean they all interconnect and thats the difference between the two.

Im tellin u if u get lost in nyc ur just lost. even people who have been there forever get lost if they are going to an unfamiliar place. thats just human logic's for u. its funny cus u catch urself sayin " oh my where am i?"

Well, i was talkin to my friend today. i get to every once in a while. i noe i noe u want to ask y. i want to also lol. anyway hes stressed about his job. its called trying to pray for a new one or finding a new one or trying to do things to get the stress off. is it hard? are we in america?

I hope the best for him. hes so busy so i havent talked back wit him in a few hrs. *yawns* im tellin u ive got to get better friends lol. maybe its me idk ill let u noe . i feel as if my world is closing down on me ya noe? its like no matter wat i do its just bad. is it a sign?

I feel as if i want to give up. I may have to move again and its somewhere i dont want to go. not that its bad well yeah in retrospect it is bad. i feel as if i do the opposite ( bad things) then maybe the opposite ( gud things) will occur tell me what do i do in a situation like this? have u ever just thought that maybe u were born at the wrong time and ur life consist of just everyone but u?

Or maybe again i am just thinkin it all up? yeah that could be it. this smirnoff ice could be talkin for me . maybe its all a dream and when i wake up from this then i will be doing great and at least being able to make it paycheck to paycheck and like be able to pay this class off and get these certifications and maybe just maybe i mite can have semi clear head. ill let u noe.


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