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Over draft hum....

If you all have a bank account you know what an overdraft fee is. Yes who doesnt! mine is so bad I have to blog about it. I think this should a ventin session. lets do this!


How are you goin to charge me an overdraft fee for a charge u charged me for a free account! better yet how u gonna try to charge me for a serivce i sure as hell didnt sign up for. and for my stock account how u gonna take money out of there and put it in my bank account! did i say that? i read fine fine print!!


How u gonna charge a $35 fee if i go over ( which i dont) a cent? u sure do cus i have one in every damn account! so when my taxes come back i got to pay it! maybe i need that money! just maybe!!!! i feel as i am going to make my own bank and like not do this! its not my issue that u cant pay the deep debt u put urself it and now u charge money for things.

When i call why dont u noe nothing? i noe more about the account than u do!. then on top of that i go to branch some people cant work the computer and i do for them so they can tell me about my account. btw they tell me the same stuff i noe. y do i even bother then when im right u still keep the charge......

I feel as banks are gettin what they had comin to them for a long time. we as the consumer suffers.


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