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Sniffles on a Rainy Day...

Business calls,mom calls,lil brother and sister who just moved here calls, work calls, boyfriends calls, daughter calls,cat calls, nieces and nephews calls. *snifs* I just realized I have the sniffles. I also realized that the new Starbucks fusion teas are ......different. *sips berry one* got it free cus like i had a coupon and since im a reward customer i get to get it for $2 after 2pm to feb isnt that cool? I think ima get it hot next time i mean its gud cold but hot maybe better.I want to taste the London fog latte. woot!

Back to wat i was sayin. Im so tired not even in the house wont be for a min. Too much to juggle to much to worry about too much to stress about. I have realized that everything that i have realized isnt really realizable. yeah i realized it aint i smart. speaking of which i am so cold. lol im lovin the rain. I went to a store and wanted the whole rain collection they had. that is the first irresponsible thing ima do when i get my money soon. ( and also Day trading money) I feel as if i need to do something for me one day.

Then again, I feel as that being irresponsible. Ugh. When I get settled Ima let u noe have a house warming party and u noe what? I will have that rain gear u can say hey i remember ur blog when u said that.... Watch and see.....*snifs* catch u lata.


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