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Hi all,

I have yet told you bout my weird life. They say its ok to be werid, but are they weird themselves to say that? man i have a headache yet again. I have a hypothetical question, do u read some of ur friends cus u like them or cus u like the art of blogin? just saying if this was a random persons' blog would u give it much though? hum....makes u think ya noe?

I have to invest into a vacation. I noe I noe I keep bloggin about it, obviously it hasnt happened. Well im listenin to Air ever heard of that group? Love them they are labled a lot of things they are more on the electronic side. I love that kind of music anyway this song is called "Surfing on a rocket" lol ive been singing it since I heard it. I dont know why I like it so much. I think its the music.

Do you now that many people like the song for its music not its lyrics. Me im the type if i dont like wat ur saying I wont like the song. Theres only one song that its different but it isnt a great song when the meaning is deciphered. Im like wow um no nevermind. Anyway this music video for air its just for this time and era that we live it I think you would enjoy it even if you dont listen to that type of music.

I had to make a new post for the new year it was killng me lol. Ima try to keep each blog even maybe start another blog. Its so hard. lol Im telling you. So busy. lets see what im listenin to now. Okay Jamiroquai "Electric Mistress" its a hot song yet again u got to hear it. Hes awesome the group as a whole. But his voice, hes so young to be so into the funk/acid jazz mood. Go him!

To wrap this dis up I wanna say thanks for supporting me. Hope to make this a good year for everything. Cant be perfect but just openin my eyes for another day I guess thats a step in the right direction. I got school startin back again in the morning I havent even thought about school these 10 days lol now i am forced wit the accounting class bill and tutor. Help. see ya.

Not Kindly,



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