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Days has past.....

Hi all,

Im sorry I havent got to blog a lot of things has been happening and im hattin them all.... allow me to explain a few...

Stomach Virus.

I am just gettin over it. I noe it was a bad bug I got from work and it went around but it seems when I get stuff I seem to get it worse and harder and I also get it so much so more time than the average person. I couldnt take off of work, couldnt afford it. I havent even started to eat strait....

Car accident.

Almost a week ago I got into a hit and run accident. Yes i was driving on university for those who noe. I was droppin off my lil brother and i had my nice and lil sis in the car i had took them to cicis lol. well like i was minidn my own business and WHAM!! a white truck hits the back of the truck and yeah im in therepy. Im suein lol i guess my lawyer will be like u cant say anymore and shit like that movin on....

No time.

I simply have no time to sleep let alone blog. yes i said i would make time for bloggin but one of my jobs doesnt suit my fancy and its time to trade dat in. I feel as life isnt on my side and I will change that im tired. They say that you are only one that can take your integrity away and i agree. I have and I have to chase it to get it back.


I got three days a week now for a month. They are tryin to speed the process up . I mean I have to dash early from work and get the kids who also go and ride back downtown. its a lot of work when you are stiff as a bored, feet hurt and you have a bad stabbin pain in your back and a tinglin feelin down your spine. Sad right? I hope this works and its all worth it.

Thats why I havent blogged lol a card would be nice maybe some laffy taffys . Catch you on the flip side I promise to make time.


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