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Falafel on the weekday.

Ive got to say that thank you so very much New Amsterdam for making a lot of food that i like. But one that I must say i thought i knew and kinda like has became more of a love and i have found a new appreciation of it. Yes I went yesterday at lunch ( wends) and had some. I had to travel but it was worth it. I think that ive had this in new york when i went to visit a friend and their ma made it. I didnt even know that but it hit me as i started to talk about it.

They were like " yeah ma makes that dont you remember when you came when you were younger and...." as they went on its dawned on me that
A. they are dutch
B. I love falafel
C. Dont dutch people make other cool stuff?

Anyway im late and i just had to touch base and tell you about my day . You know wat? I am so culturally diverse that it makes no sense. I want to marry someone one day who is the same way or always wanted to touch different cultures the way i do. Its a plus being from a melting pot of a city like that and also have that in my family. my mother always taught me that everyone is family and takin a piece of them with you is wat makes it all the wild.well she said something to that degree i just summed it up like that cus im special.


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