Werid Day....like everyday

My day started off full of emails, chats,charts,anxiety and more emails. train rides, bus rides and now im still on the go. But i did have a little time to blog for u. I must tell my dedicated readers of how my was and is still going.

Well it started off as always no sleep. I took the eye mask from over my eyes and got out the darkness. It was borring and I wanted to but them back over my eyes but i knew it was time to get up. I ran around like usual wit the tv on 103 bloomberg for those who dont noe and talked to Chei ( my cat) and trying to find pieces to my suit lol.

So then i headed across the street cus i needed copies and other things. It was snowing and my umbrella malfunctioned so i had my scarf over my head yes i felt special , i had it on until i got to my frist stop. I get to dc and its not snowing . it was a relief, anyway its too warm to stick anyway ya noe? i get on the bus its the D6 to the exact I was at the french embassy ( thank you metro planner)

I was textin people telling them they might screen my calls acting all paranoid lol. You noe what ? it was fun lol. I was over that way for a while. lol then i had to find my way back cus some of the buses that went back the other way only did am rush hr how special i am . I get back this way well around where im at and i get hungry yes i get hungry lol. cus i didnt eat last nite or dis morning. So i got to a place to eat i spent under $20 yep lol Its called "Bravo! Bravo!" its located on Connecticut Ave NW and then I headed back up , But between all of that i had to make stops. *yawns* its late in the day and like im at Starbucks before i make my final stop then i can go home. Just to start this all over again .

So thats my story. Yes and im stickin to it.
Oh i think im in Farragut Square now.



Shadow said…
who are these dedicated readers??

how about u just call me one, even though this is my first time reading it in awhile.

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