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Werid Music Taste...*dances*

Hey Long time no blog lol

Well this one is on weird songs and weird thoughts that comes with these songs lol. I have to say I seem to like the weirdest songs. Its not so much of who sing it of being werid just the titles. Here are a few....

Felix Da Housecat " Like something for porno" - Yes im listein to it now lol. See its the name that throws you off. Thats why i like it plus the beat lol. Then what comes to mind after i saw the video is great! im thinking people dancing close on the wall and floor and and office romance sorta like the video has but take out the other girl lol and make it like a significant other that i would like to be mine. lol like something for porno...

Peaches "Fuck the pain away" -Yes that speaks for itself. Hey its the ish i have to talk about it. I shock everyone who hears it and they love it lol its just something to hum to and dance to when ur not feeling ur best. Wat i think off so much so much moving on....

Air " Surfing on a rocket" i love this song so mellow and makes you want to build a life size model rocket and fly away on it and get away from all of your stress and when people call you and wants you to come down say " no but you can come wit me"

Theres three that was on the top of my head lol and im listenin to. I think that when you listen to music it sets a mood and then you want to do watever the song says or close. Hey ,I think that dancing makes you feel better and when you are doing it wit others its better cus its like releasing endorphins i can number a lot of things that does that but this is the safest. lol *shakes*

Im ending this before u get creeped out.


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