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Radom Blahs 3

Heh I havent blogged im so tired. I am so sick I cant get better cus the people I work around are sick so its havoc. Cant afford to take off. Its just one of those blah blogs that leave u wonderin why i posted it in the first place.

A little bliss.

I have to say today and yesterday i did have alil moment of bliss. I went to lane and bryant and like got my suit and corset that ive been whinnin about havin for only $6.97. Yes I couldnt believe that the $40 corset and the $70 suit jacket was on sale that much it shows how much the economy sucks. i had to buy it in pieces cus it cost so very much so i just had the pants. not im complete lol heehee . and i am cheap im not goin to pay a lot it will go on sale i always say. Then today in the snow i made my way to the new Japanese supermaket ever since i read it in the newspaper ive been wantin to go. I went crazy in there and spent a lil bit too much but its worth it. They have so much that you cant find even in a lot of convent stores in Japan. Im happy about that really I am..


I have to say that people make me sick. Its like u cant please them. I mean I must have middle child syndrome bad cus its really annoyin . But it has made me into the person i am today and i wouldnt change myself for the world. I feel upset cus its like think that u want to hold u cant seem to touch anymore. I have given up on the waitin for i.m messages from a certain person, or even tryin to make them realize really that i do care its just they need to care too. im tired of worryin about people who doesnt seem to feel the same. It hurts me but things happen and u go on and u dont turn back this time. its frustratin the world stops everytime i think about it....

Vacation bookin,

I got the whole 3day 3nite stay thingy and im likn callin to make sure that it is wat it said. i have three choices i will most likely get my first. idk i have to do it soon ive been callin and stuff idk i want to go to maui i think. lol or cali i dnt noe lol i have to pay for air fare and car rental which is no problem. I fly cheap wit um.....i forget the airline man lol cus im under i think 25 or something like that its the shit ya noe lol i really need to get away i dont have anyone to take aint that something lol. and its for two people lol. ill give u an update when i get one to tell u lol

well im tired of typin lol im on the floor and im cold i guess im goin to bed or at least lay down lol


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