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Saturday thoughts 1

Hey I have a new thought for you. Well as you may or may not noe a loving friend of mine is buying me a hello kitty luggage set. Yes and I have a pic of it better yet the website. And I am gettin me the hello kitty laptop case. I mean I cant travel with out being cute ya noe? lol I think I will be happy when I finally get to do so. Ima fall out. lol But what comes to mind is my bathing suit. Im telling you i am going to be over the edge wit mine. Its cute and I think that wateva hot place I pick that I ill at least look cute when going to the ocean and pool. Oh and not to mention the couture night gown i want. I know isnt that cute? I have the sights below to show you. Which i noe he will buy it for me too ( he doesnt noe it yet, i love you hun!)

End of thought.


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