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Vacation Update One

Hey all! cant do one blog wit out the other ya noe? Lets get into this topic shall we?

Now to tell you the truth, ive blogged about this. But im giving you an update. I dont know where to go! oh im between trading jobs and stuff I dont know if ima be able to take it. But lord noes I need it!!!!!! I am just playing things by ear. I have the credit card coming in the mail. I know I have to have one to book it.

Dont worry I have a plan to pay this. Its called pay what I spend and not use it. Self control. Not use it on other people and not for school. Thats what messed me up with these other ones. I mean I didnt just blow them, I acturally did things kids my age would be like uh no. lol so yeah

But I am learning that I need to be agressive when it comes to finding something that will make me happy. Hey orbit and stuff will be my guide. I think I have date in mind though. It will be the fall, cus its better those days. I should have my new luggage set by then. I mean I dont want to sleep this. its mostly free ya noe?

So ima let ya noe what I think next.....


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