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Hey all i noe 3 in the row i must be telling you something lol dont worry im doin this so that i wont get left behind. this topic will be funny i will tell you now excuse my mouth this is what its all about lol. and im sorry mom lol but here we go......

This blog is on cursing. I am telling you now that i really dont like it. I am not one who does it every moment. I hate it I really do. I think as I am gettin older I am doing it less. I havent been doing it for long. I mean maybe 2yrs. I really dont say it unless something happens and you have to hear me say it because im low. Or at friends who know i am mean at times when they do something. well someone who used to run me crazy did a while back and now he doesnt as much anymore hes like watch your mouth lol yeah hes a lot better its me now and he has to laugh at times because of instances i say it. for example.

1. We were internet shoppin ( yes you should try it,its so romantic you can be like oh honey i want that ring. hes like wat ring you are like the one on page 5 lmao) and like I spotted the hello kitty luggage set i want ( yeah im droppin hints hurry up wit it already) and he was like " oh thats nice" im like " nice? this is the shit" yeah thats my phrase now. lol I have other phrases id rather not say that arent curse words they are just crude.

another example

2. I am talking with a friend. Yes its recently. He is like " your shorts are short i cant see them" im like " f*ck off" yes i noe i noe that bad i should get slapped lol. they think its funny and i do get hit and told to watch my mouth.

When I am doing things such as writing this proposal hopefully for a new client, this is la la la la la la........ I go to get up and i sit on my feet so if my leg isnt crampin up or its a pinched nerve its sleep. I scream and yes im on the phone at times..... " oh shit this hurts" very soft im not loud lol but yeah im very self conscience so its getting better. I really will never agree with it or accept it from my nieces and nephews and lil bro and sister i will smack them into next week.

And that my friends is the end of this blog.


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