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Random Blahs 2

Hey ,

I havent wrote on this one for a while but this is the day to do it. So here are some thoughts for folks who I love and who really need to comment on my blog! but i still love.....

1. I was reading about long distance relationships they asked did u have one and what do u do stay connected. and so on. here is my off the wall answer I noe only from me.

A:Yes I have one and no I dont I dont even noe wat to say about it per say. We are all over cus we both travel. Its hard at times. It isnt that I want to see him I just want to make sure he is alright because I know him. I am not the lovey type he is but at times I get worried. We dont have time to even talk. I email him he will message me. No talking on the phone. He has a government phone so he doesnt use it for personal things. I hate talking on the phone. It is a weird thing but thats why it works so well. I hope it wont be for long.Then at times I dont really care how long it is he stay where ever for how long he wants! he doesnt care anyway!!

Next, I was reading about Micheal Jackson. I am very sad that people got stupid stuff to say out of their mouth. Thats what makes us human you have hatters and more hatters. I feel as if you cant say nothing nice then shut up . I mean hes dead you wouldnt be like this if someone you had died. It this it is very disrespectful and hey wat goes around comes around. He had problems because of how he was raised what he went through. We dont know the whole story. If he was on anti-depressants then obviously he was having problems. In my book hes number 1 and he will always be and again those people just make you love him more cus he did a lot because of wat he went through. Im glad he isnt suffering anymore because he truly was. Rest In Peace hun you deserved it. No one should be judging him but god . You get?

Okay the next topics are in the next blog


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