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Random Blahs 3

Hey heres part two well 3 lol now these things are on a better yet werid. maybe funny note.

Boys....girls... oh my

Well let me share this wit you. I mean some people get freaked out when they hear about the same sex liking them. Im like idc i mean its not going to kill me. If you do roll dat way you simply dont. I mean it isnt going to burn through your skin when they look into you and make you go wit them oh come on now. I mean with girls its a little different you have girlfriends that you do things with. In japan they take baths with each other. I mean i have someone its like a dirty diana thing lol its like she is strait forward and stuff lol im like wow im having a MJ moment lol Im tellin you I see why americans are talked about so much.... movin on....

Travel gear

A friend of mine is so buyin me luggage lol yeah im going on trips I have to look nice at least feel it lol I saw in target yesterday a lot of travel stuff. I need it all. I am not a fan of flyin yet i dont want to drive if its more than 10hrs in the continental united states. I dont want to ride neither i get car sick.....around and around and around......ooooooo *holds stomach* a friend of mine said " i do a lot of hail marys i should be in the world record book for doing the most during a plane flight." i laughed and said " you arent cathloic " he said " exactly"

Middle Name

Hey i read about middle names. I have to tell you wat i wrote on the site about it.

A: well my middle name is Lynnette. its after my moms' best friend sister oh wait thats my first name lol anyway i forgot where it came from but my first name is from my moms friend sister she helped my mom the most right b4 i was born. yeah it was goin to be her friend name which is Katrina im glad my name is jennifer idk why but it suits me right?

Well there you go my random thoughts for this week lol well for an hour i noe i noe it is so unexplained.....


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