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The Funniest Thing....

Hey all I had post this cus I forgot da weekend. I was goin to the H and M in DC ( the metro center one) and it was very nice I think I can do dat again one day. Anyway comin back home I got on the bus wit some kool people I saw dat they needed help .
So I asked them did they need help and the showed the printed directions. I pointed and told the dat they were on ds rite bus we will be passin it soon. Then a man beside me asked where they were from and they said austraila ! I fell out lol gud thing the husban and wife dat ask where goin to the place next to where they were goin. To top it off da wife was from there 2 and her and the three men worked at the same place at one time or another. Small world there I c lol.
Anyway it was nice I asked the one of the three dat was sittin on da other side of me "how long did it take u to get here?" He said " we were in the airport a total of 26 hrs we went to europe then nyc that's where we are comin from. " I was so wowed by it lol" hey Japan will be fun" I thought to myself laughin.


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