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A Mid afternoon Realization

I realized that I do better when I am blogging between the wee hours of the morning to early afternoon. And i seem to type better sitting in a chair wit my back against it ( I have bad posture) I have such weird motivation today. Not for everything but for most thing. I will be visiting a friend today. I hope to be blogging about it. Yeah isnt it cool? Yes I dont get time to do anything.

I am listein to Alternation hiphop yeah, a lot of people think that its wrong to diversify your music but I am the queen of it. I am listein to the Alchemist yeah hes nice ya noe? lol Yeah at times in all music you question what this is about. I love it! anyway i better get to wat this was about.Its about compromise. Have you cared for someone and both of you are so willing to meet in the middle?

Maybe one is country and the other is city and they both dont want to live in each others opposites.They are so grown up now and like they want to meet in the middle? Isnt that cool? I am still gettin over the shock of the compromise. maybe its hinting something? ill leave it at that.Here is where i would want to live.


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