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Well this is my friend and I her name is Raekelle very nice huh? She went out wit me two mondays ago to a place called Tryst as always its my fav place to go and chill. We also had pizza two doors down. It was so huge! I will have to blog about that. Sorry I havent go to blog. lol I have been busy so much, I guess its like everyday is a Monday. You know, the blah oh my its the "official" work week day and here we go again wit other stuff and with the same routine and blah blah blah. But at times well all the time I go to tryst and look around and feel at home. They have a band on Mondays kinda a all the round one. Coffeehouse music band. So I feel as if I keep this ritual up I will have a new story to talk blog about. But to tell you the truth it was the funniest thing. Matter a fact, its always when i go. This time two dudes were hitting on us. I was like Miss Raekelle is cute but not I . But hey the one talkin to me was very cute. Im shy so I freaked out, but I talked anyway maybe it was the blue vodka I had. I have to find out the name of that. I think I had three of them. They were tanked also cus beer did them in. Which im so not a fan of. Well look above at the pics One is of Raeklle isnt she pretty? the other is of her eating the hot cheesecake mmmmmm! and One of her and I I told her I would blog ha! I did it doll sorry it took so long I am never this lazy wit the blogs. This is to you !


Rae_bella said…
EEK! Those are like soo not so cool (I mean cute) Pics of meZ! ^_^ It's okay though, only for you Jen, Only for you. ^_^
Rae_bella said…
OMG. I knew I should have pushed you a little bit more to talk to him. ^_^

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