FIrst Day of Fall..............

Hey all,

I promise to get a pic when i can for this lol cus i have one but my computer isnt in a good mood who can blame him. Wow its that time again. Fall. Do you like fall? I do its very cool and you can wear things that you cant wear in other months, though I do anyway lol. What do you like about fall? I cant wait to wear my new trench coat and london fog boots lol. I think its very nice in the city when its fall and in the country and in between lol. In other countries, they have this weather all the time oooooo i wonder how that feels? Anywhoo, this is my very short blog that will appear on both blogs. Its a beginning of a new day they say , I kinda wanna say i have accomplished something at the end of this year for once. ...........

*sept 30 just added pic lol*


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