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Lets take a breather.........

Ohayou all!

I have to say that I love having the morning off to rest and to take a chill pill. I am so very blissful this morning after a very upsetting night. From family issues to personal issues to just copin wit the fact that maybe wantin to be a finacial analyst or anything in that field thanks to Bear sterns and Lehman....though I dnt blame them and I blame their parents ( the gov and the people behind it al) i see that from some info i got ( shhh icant say ) that maybe it wasnt their fault but being in my field and knowing the person and knowing what i have learned that maybe people arent smart as you think. Okay moving on!!

I asked a friend of mine ( whose pic is above) to do me a favor. Im like "since i love to blog will you let me blog about you?" he said yes and i felt so special. lol Hes not the only one but  his pic is too funny so he is first and this is only for him cus he replied so quickly and again I know hes such a whiz and such a fine fit person for this costume he has in this pic lol and judging from it, hes ready for oct to come hes too early lmao . he said that he was trying to get his iphone ( which is touch screen) to work with this costume on. Epic simply.

 You may ask how I know him. Well I went to high school wit him. Yeah! he looks about the same he is just taller! lol Hes still full of life and I feel as that since graduation ( i graduated a year before him) that we are better friends than high school i guess cus we didnt have the same classes and stuff. well here it goes talk to you in my next blog....


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