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Simply goth wonder..

I wanted to take the time to say hi! But anyway this is my friend isn't she pretty? She doesn't like pics but she takes great pic!
She is into the whole goth look and so am I and also lolita.
I think its cool and the color that gets me. I am into the Japanese kind of goth/lolita thing. On top of being obsessed (otaku) wit the Anime culture. Idk that word is over rated I mean they make otaku as a crazed obsessed panty pic takin person though I have friends like that lol they r nice though lmao
Anyway, take a look and see other deeper sides of the fashion world and blog about it.


Rae_bella said…
oh dear, I can't believe you post that pic of me! Yes, I am guilty of not liking pics, but I thank you for posting the blog anyways. ^_^

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