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I must bore u of one if my borrin outtings wit my friend but dis time my niece came along those two are simply wonderful to moi lol
Anyway I first decided to be darin and try new resturants that weren't even open I noe sorrwie we ended up goin to a place dat I do know and is at a lot afta work as u can c in the background.
Then we went to a place I pass a lot its called filenes' basement. I was like I didn't noe it was like gud high fashion cloths just a little less I was happy my friend showed me I must show this to my bargin shoppin friends.
When I was there I saw another friend and her boyfriend she is from the Czech Republic which is nt pt of germany but simular languages. It was her first time going there and so was I now I can say I can have my cup cake and eat it too. I enjoyed my day now I'm home doing work. Sucks being a grown-up.


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