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Hello world

Hey all!

I am on the bus on my way to work yes its 5 in the morning I noe early I try lol . I was just on the phone wit my friend for like 3hrs its called restless conversation.

Lord my other friend is getting a phone again we will talk all night lol ima have to split it up.then again, he works more than I do at times we may not talk.

So how r u dis morning!? I am goin to crash I can like feel it but I'm hyped at the same time. I will be on my lil date wit Starbucks in about an half an hour dnt u worry.

I have to that I enjoy when I do things like this, its hard to even begin to explain. It makes my problems go away for a second. I love them.

They say that u need family which is true but not all the time friends are and what family isn't. Right?

I'm loving dis rainy day, wat bout u?
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