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Blissful yet weird notes to self

Note one: " I cant help myself, i like dancin on the wall. mother.........

Note two: I love u I want to- dnt get it twisted......

Note 3: New friends not a new me

Note 4: NYC skyline- lets go i would u over him you make it more blissful.

Note five: Doing splits listenin to lady gaga- beautiful , dirty , rich....

Note six: I love panty lines- specially the designer panties i sport.

Note sept: Fine dont change im not waitin for u- money changed u and it has changed me too later......

Note 8: Rainy brings out "things" in me- only in rain and storms, watch out

Note 9: Gonna get my nails done nxt week- boughie baby

Note ten: I could care less what you think about me- havent u noticed?


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