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Monthly realization pt 1

I think ima do these every so often cus I get these revelations a lot. So here I go.( The first 5)

1. You are what you make yourself- I have to learn dat people dnt define me I define myself. At the end of the day I will be answerin to god.

2. I have to believe in sum thing- if anything I have to find some hope.

3. Find bliss and dnt worry others problems rnt ur fault- I have to say dat mantra everyday, I've heard dat a lot but the blog I read just hit it home for me.

4. You have to help u for now- right now I can't help others because I lack my upbringin it hurts but I hope they get it.

5. Money is stressful- indeed it is when I get it I'm so trained to be finanically smart that I become full of anxiety and I like when its gone.

Well there goes 5 at the end of the month I'll do 5 more. What have u learned?


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