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Panty Line.....oh and HAPPY 100th BLOG POST TO ME!!!!!!!!

I know ima get smacked for writing bout this watever you know they like it...........a few stories when i just dont care about that fashion pas faux.Plus this is my 100th post! Happy 100st post to me hahahahahaha that shows i write too damn much and i need to make this a career lol. I have learned and did so much in this year. I am happy to share it will u all. I bet you still dont a thing about me lol. Moving on to my panty blog....

Times I dont care if there is a panty line lurking in the mist.

Lounging- I dont care.simply put. i act like i dont see it or feel it cus most of the time i dont. lol whos gonna complain? my cat?

High waisted pants- hey what can i say my panites arent as small as yours lol and i try to wear the ones with no or very little line. what can i say yet again? dont look its not that bad at least you dont see them...

Yoga- lets face it, im the queen of ruffle and idk y during yoga though i wear another type of panty its ruffle with kills the whole, invisible effect. my bad teacher...

Afterwork- look the last thing i care about is how i look on my mad dash home! i stop at starbucks and just sip i want someone to say something...

In laws , family, friends- if you catch me on a day that im not dressed up or come to my house, its on you. dont look cus like it isnt that noticeable unless you are looking for an imperfection. i am so ready! lol

And that is my 100th blog the i dont giva care blog lol if you liked that you would love me in person.


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