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Snow Day

Hey dolls!

I didnt plan on blogging until the new year but I have to show you pics of the wonder  northern snow storm so, this is what happened, the day before I can remember that they had predicted about 12inches . People pilled up in the store and my little sister and I went to the asian super market. It took 2hours to get home it wasnt so much the long supermarket line it was the parking lot. The bad part was there is only one outlet so 100s of people where trying to get out, between cutting folks and stuff it was annoying. I didnt think of the storm until i went out side. I had to work two sats ago when this happened. it was the 20th right before Christmas. It was okay driving but by the afternoon it was covered. Took me and hour to get to work besides the other hr digging the truck out. on top of that  left work very early. I got stuck 4 times and it took me 4 hrs to get home. and hour on which to park. But the days after I went out and took pic and also while iwas stuck i took pic and cleaning the cars. Here enjoy our winter wonderland. Did u all get snow?


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