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Stocks, Boys, Wonders, New year, New life??????

I was talking to a friend a few days ago (before we got into an ugly fight) and he knows my profession (side profession im only partly certified) is day trading and also financial advising. Which im certified for. So he going on and on about how his office  was which is the pic below and how he uses this company and that and which broker do i use/ Mind u hes in the computer science profession but owns a tradin company which has such a name lol full of paradox lol. But hey I am so happy and proud of him.I felt hey hes so gud y not give him my certifications. Idk i felt so dumbfounded at the moment i guess cus i cant invest  like he can but if i could oooo if i could. I would be wonderful. and love myself thats the only thing i can be proud of. lol and can toot my own horn about . How about u wat are u good at or  love to do so much it blows u away?

I feel that next yr which is two days away will hail a different look! I am so determined that nothing will stop me!  Something has to give ever felt that way? i think this pic is wonderful all of the screen shots of stock. He doesnt do exactly wat i do, he said its too much work, but he does commodities and stuff which i do but i go 100steps further which thats y i think he mentions this to me idk was he tryin to make me feel better? who noes? lol im so strait forward and mean when it comes to investment  i would run a mean firm heehee. Next Blog!!!


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