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10 Quirky things I have came to notice ( maybe love) about me

Hey everyone! so wats up? I wanna start off this morning wit a lil positive! I read in a blog again about things that you like about yourself. So it said 10 quirky things that I have to like of me. It was hard but here they go. Can you share wit me 10 things you love about yourself? Maybe I love it too...

10 quirky things I love about myself………
1.    I know the words to my favorite song and seem to sing them when im confused.
2.   I like a lot of simple things in life , if u subtract all of the extras lol.
3.   I trip over things because I drag my feet.
4.   I love feeling infatuated.
5.   The things I do for coffee
6.   How I want to fight everything moving when I hear this persons name.
7.   How having a bad hair day seems to span into a week with me.
8.   How I listen to certain songs depending on my mood.
9.   How I love to write, and use it to explain how I feel.
10.                How I love stocks and coffee like the children I will never have.


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