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10 Things ........I wanna say to 10 differnt people......

Ever had this feeling like you wanted to tell some people wat u thought of them? Every had a list of them? ever just wanted to vent and share it wit someone? wit that .........i live u wit this....

1. " I cant figure  you out anymore! i ask you a question its a mist of silence but hey i bet if u were ask to leave the country or by certian people"___ do this or __ do that" u would answer!  matter a fact jump on it. oh and use a phone! oh wait, did i hear something? no its just the clicking of the  keys from your desk at ur job, oh they speak for u now do they? i feel as if maybe i lived my life for the wrong thing. WAIT? IVE GOT YOUR WAIT!!!!

2. I think I like u, but we will never ever ever ever be. But i can hear ur voice in my head, hear the way u talk of me and the way you call me beautiful. i give a sigh of relife cus im not wit u. that type of love was never ever meant to be seen. deep down in my head i missed u and thought of u everyday and now that i know that u r ok, it makes me wanna dream again. i love u a best friend i cant replace.

3. Why do you insist on being here? i mean trying to be someone u are not to me! have u gotten the hint that we will never be on that level! then again, is it  my fault that i cant call you that name? maybe u were the seed that  was planted and sprouted into who i am. i have to say thank you . u did that much.

4. I miss u . u made me wanna live life when i couldnt. thought we were not alike we were together. u left me lil one but i noe u are doing better. i love u so much

5. I wish i could of had a better gud bye. u where the one to surport who I am. you never doubted me and to the end you always called for me. i cried that day and i am still crying inside every time i wake up and keep realizing each day that you are not here with me.

6. I miss the old u, the u that enjoyed loving and hugging me. the time that u ran to me cus i needed u. or when i ran to u when u didnt noe where to turn. love. i cant ....we cant live off love but we can naive as the sound let me live it for the quick second that it passed through my head. just tell me that u do care, maybe i can believe u. then again......theres a digital wall between us, im ur cyber goddess. and u better realize that again cus i can be gone in a meg of a second.

7. Stop trying to make me wat u want me to be. living my life cus of course u wish it was ur own. so much that i could throw up like u do but i am not like that. theres a time for everything and i think its time to have time wit u and time witout.

8. I think sometimes that u are so overrated. Its so hard to please u so i didnt try in the first place. so let me get this strait. u dnt rule me i rule me my personality rules me i am nothing but a product of my own imagination so deal wit it . wat u gonna do about it? talk? try to change me? id like to see u try...

9. At the end of the day its u that come home to. I cook when i want though u dont eat it. u like to pick and eat gummy bears. i am in love wit that. u are so easy to please, just stick a hello kitty watever in the mix and u are quiet. i just have to find a way to love u. give me a chance to try.

10. Full of wonder full of suspense thats y i want u thats why i cant have u thats why u are gone, thats y i still wait in my highschool childish form under the stairway.....



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