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Coping is like...

Having a leash but no collar to attach it to.

Sky diving with out a parachute .

An omelet with out eggs.

A cosmopolitan with out vodka

Me driving with out glasses

Having a cell outage.

When the lights go out and you have to light the whole house by candle.

When you are sick and you still have to function.

Stuck in traffic up the street from your destination.

When you just get your hair done and it rains and you dont have an umbrella.

Send a message and you dont get a response

When you are in love and they dont feel the same........anymore

...........just like i cant go on wit this....

Coping is learning how to be without you. Not so much emotionally, but as a friend. When you lose a best friend you lose a big chunk of your heart.Every lover or wanna be lover starts with being a friend a best friend. So i can admit breaking up is hard. Yet I am not one to wallow in self pity. You dont know what you have until its gone and im not saying that about myself...


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