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Graduation Count down: Four Months!

Bonjour all!

 Did you know that I am graduating in May? yes i didnt realize it until I got a call from my alumni counselor. She was very nice and the lady who will be helping me go on and continue after is such a sweetheart! she understands what I am going through with the struggling through this math and the accounting.  Here are few things that I am excited and doing when it comes to graduation!


There are a few places that I am looking at for them. I see really nice ones. May 15th is around the corner I have to be ready!


I was told that I may be able to opt a class to graduate sooner if I can pass a french test a cpl or something test. Since I speak french and for years I thought y not give it a try. I have been watching "telell give it a try. I have been watching "telefrancias" which is a Canadian TV show that I watched in 1st grade! I was like in tears when I found it on you tube. You cant get it though, they never remastered it. But im thinking about writing Ontario TV and seeing if it is possible. Ive been watching it strait all day. I am surprised how much I understand now its time to practice writing. I am determined I mean it wont hurt anything but my wallet. 

Cap and gown

Well this will not be a problem , I have the website on where to order it. I will order it maybe end of March early April . I mean February is a short month so I better hop on it.  I wear a black cap and gown. 

 Motivation and buckling down to study

Ive got to hop on it! I have four more classes left. I am so scared but you know, I think that I have a chance I am not giving up yet! I have a prayer and faith! I have been through so much , that I didnt think that I would even finish school. I did it help to some people and some where people i just met over time and came to know. Then my niece she helps me a lot in math. Though its one subject out of the vast amount I took, its better to have help and pass this one than fail . I even have people to call for motivation. Im glad, im almost there, its getting hard! I think ima going to cry when I graduation.

This will be continued until next time....


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