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Maybe another snow day....

Hey all,

this is a pic i just took looking outside my balcony . My niece said " oh ! theres snow clouds!" so i ran and like the geek i am and took a pic. *snaps pic* and bam! its on my blog my sweets. so what do u think? looks so surreal huh? Im happy to have hiro back ! two long weeks ! so long to fix this laptop lol i love him *hugs* now moving on. lol I got him back Tuesday, but was so full of work and playing catch up i forgot to blog. I am leaving town Friday which is 2moro. So like i am cramming things and stuff. I just hope that i wont have to make a major change .
I feel like I will have to make a major move, u noe u try to tell people how much u need help and they are just too busy to ( excuse my Japanese) give a fuck . sad isnt it. . ugh *snifs*  well ima finish chilling watching the clouds ( im home for once) and listen to my whole Jamiroquai discography I have them all lol and i love every song ......this is gonna take a while......thats the end of this blog. snow will be here tonite and in the morning. At least im leaving from it lol


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