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Its just another unexplained blog.

Early afternoon my blissful blog readers,

I'm on the way to DC I am off for once woot! Though I feel when I don't work I'm doing something wrong lol. Cus its like u have to fight to pay bills.

I bought my cap n gown I noe cool huh. It was amazingly cheap ! And I pass this accountin class I will buy myself a class ring. I always wanted one but didn't have the money. My mother sure didn't.
I feel as if I can make myself happy then maybe I view life easier or better yet better.
I mean again I love the simple things in life but at the end of the day I'm happy to b who I am. I don't mean any harm at all. I try to help but I guess sum folks think that I'm being mean. I'm like dnt tell me to b honest wit u and u can't take it. Idk people these days.

Well the pic above is me on the train now lookin outside. Omg I forgot to take my motion sic pills. But I'm ok weirdly maybe cus I'm not thinkin about it.

Oh wat sparked me to write this blog was a handsome dude in glasses (black ones) on the train oooo lol I'm like I wonder wat his type is its not me here sittin wit my red pokadot shoppin bag and black leather gloves wit bows on top.

Its a friday feeling I can't explain. I'm happy to be a loner in this day lol
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