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Racin Thought........

Pipe Dreamer

I don’t think that words can express how I feel about us.

I feel as if im being pushed up against a wall of hope and despair though I know that at the end neither of us will be there.

This isn’t a poem nor a love note.

It’s a reminder to the world on how I feel for you.

Very vague words, yet meaning thousands of things.

So push me to or build me up its up to you.

But I wont allow you  get me down.

Everyday I take a trip on a rocket ship around your mind trying to get into you world and yet found that distant galaxy called your heart.

Im too full of lust to explain anymore.

Excuse me while I get myself together to actually take the butterfly confusion of love/lust.

Then maybe you could take it, open your door and let me into your world of wonder.

I am still a pipedreamer, I just need you to let out a cloud of smoke of hope for me to float on.


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