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Random thoughts while walking

Hi all, 

Im a bad mood today, but I did manage to get some kind of relife walking home from work. I just walked my usual pace and just took a look around at things in front and around me. All of the sudden, these thoughts ran though my head.....

1. " they get more action than i will ever get" after seeing two birds making out by the train elevator. 

2. " I wish I made more money " watching the very coorprate men and women walk around thinking that traffic waits for them to cross.

3. "I wish he could see things differntly" After walking past a nice condo and seeing the balcony and a couple having drinks looking below.

4. " Im glad im not motion sick anymore" when i got to my destination and had no dizzy feeling at all. thanks to the pills.

5." I may have a break through!" after receiving information that could help jump start my apartment hunting again. 

I guess that im so very special lol this is the end of my blog.


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