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This is a piece of cake....

Late evening all,

I'm @ my fav hang out coffeehouse wit a nice friend, giving her a prep talk.

I feel like she is going to be something and she doesn't know it. I am rooting for her just like all my friends.

At the end I feel like I have missed on things. And also I feel better about my life as a whole. All I can do it try. I am so stuck on making it that, I don't take a step back and see how life could b.

I have an idea for u, take an age make it any age down the road and from now to then write down new things that u never thought u would do and write it down when u do them. Then look back at them and then see how much u have grown.

Until the, this is my unexplained thought and I am going to start on my blue motorcycle rooom....


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