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95% Gin 5% Tonic

I leaned sideways to stare at the lime i dropped in my gin and tonic mix.........I had did this now my 4th time, it never seems to amaze me .....

" bubbles.... lime........i love this drink" i said out of the blue.

" i guess someone has an obession with alcohol." he said sipping his vodka and cranberry juice.

" tonic is the drink that makes you wanna do it again and again." i continued winking and he winked back " pun included."

"so true arent you going to share? that was your 4th cup"

" arent you going to get your own, it will be your first......" I laughed " pun intendend"

We couldnt help but laugh , i think thats what friends are for, to deal wit your screw ups and vice versa.You tend to love them through thick and then. most of them are friends (if opposite sex) that shows that you are too good for each other and you would put shame to all other relationships if you two go together, and some leave you up in the air wondering if you tried wat would happen.

I think if you put vodka in the mix maybe ill have more of a story to tell.

Unexplained though comes to an end.....


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