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Why do you do the things you do?

Evening my dolls, how r u? i feel as if i am learning everyday to love who i am ? i love when i blow peoples mind because they assume things, and yet they are completely wrong. It keeps me going. its sad to say but some of these people can be the closest to u. i cant figure out to this day why some act the way they do. i did nothing to them and so on and so forth. all you can do is hold your head up and fall and know that god will have ur back. i have no doubt that hes here wit me and sees that im trying and that maybe one day it will be easy to do things and i dont have to make it paycheck to paycheck. i wanna be my own person and just be at peace thats all. is that a crime? if it is i will be a repeated offender. what do u like about urself? dont forget it, there will be always someone to bring u down. maybe they dont mean it maybe they dont know how to accept things , thats on them dont hold yourself in their spite or hatefulness. 

This is my heartfelt unexplained thought.


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