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The alcohol advise manual pt 1

 So, based on experience i have put together some things not to do when drinking. Yes sounds no likely to happen but believe me I have and friends of mind have been victim to it. Enjoy loves!!

Fact  26: Dry gin will creep up on ur ass in the moring and you will feel like shit working. But you will enjoy it while you are drinking it.

Fact 46: Invite people to play vodka or patron pong rather than beer you will be more incline to do things and will have a vast amount of different types of other weekend alcoholics.

Fact 47:  Dont dare a person to drink a 5th of whiskey and to walk the city streets they may end up with WIW ( walking while wasted)

Fact 30: When you lose vision with your glasses on, its time to stop drinking,  or simply take them off  and continue .

Fact : 1 Just because it is on sale for $8 doesn't mean its cheap. No , they could have an over stock and when you go down further and see the same thing not on sale and its $50 a bottle you walk quietly past it and pay for it, dont say a word, then as soon as you pay jet out the door jet out before they realize what they sold you at what price.

Fact: 14 If you always dreamed of drinking wit someone you like, dont unless you are ready to pay child support, be let down very hard, or never remember it to begin with.

Fact 2: Dont go drinking with someone who is significantly older. They may try to hit on you........

Fact 3: Do not go drinking with a strictly "wine" drinking person because, you will be deeply sadden but see how wine can give you a slight hang over too.

Fact 10: Dont ever drink on a high ledge  or near one of some kind unless it is so low to the ground that when you fall all you can break is your dignity.

Fact 4: dont drunk dial your parents and tell them who you are doing.....


Erika said…
It seems that alcohol is quite often the root of all evil. :/

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