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Crushing from the pressure.........

so my fellow blogger readers.....

I feel that i have to type this because this is a perfect example of an unexplained thought. I want to first say sorrwie to this person. Though i feel i will not hear from him again. here i go.......

At the end of the day it hurts. Because its like I know that I wont have him.

It is a cracking from the pressure feeling. You rush to get this done all in vain.

You try to live others life when you tell yourself a million times that you cant.

It hurts at the end, and I really cant explain it, it is like you fail!. ....

It is like I try to push this all away but again, i am left alone when you think you have someone.

You know how they are but you are so frustrated with them that you tell how you feel.

In the end, it is my fault, I had a choice from the get go and maybe its not how i chose its when.

He should be sorrwie also,not a sorrwie to end it but a sorrwie that makes you realize what u have done.

But it just isnt him, its everything. I feel at an age of making it or breaking it. what shall I do?

I want to throw it all away in the wind and then let it decide what to do.

One cant chose another happiness but only their own. So I have to fight until I cant anymore. I have to be my own back bone because I am learning I have no support. But one cant for so long. Will it change? Only I can do that. A prayer and a crystal glass of gin/tonic and hope shall decide.


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